Lacey’s Garden – Pictures

bean sprouts compost bin

first harvest front flower bed

front planter front porch planters

garden perennial bed

potatoes self seeded sunflowers

sugar peas and sunflowers swiss chard and peppers

tomatoes, lettuce and carrots yummy salad

One Response to “Lacey’s Garden – Pictures”

  • Yay pictures! That salad looks gorgeous – and your compost boxes are impressive.
    I finally got most of my stuff planted over the weekend – finally. i didn’t put down lettuce – thinking it’s too late, but I may throw a few seeds in anyway, now that I think about it, just to see what happens.
    I also want to sow the sugar snap peas – again, may be too late, but we’ll see.
    I’ve got four tomato plants though – 2 in buckets, and two in the ground.

    I am so glad SPRING finally decided to stick around.