A Rainy Week In The Garden

It has been a rainy week!  It started raining the day after I posted about not getting any rain!   And, it has not stopped.  It has rained or stormed for about a week a little each day.  I have not been in the garden very much what with the rain and school starting for the kids.  One would think that with the girls out of the house for most of the time, I would be able to work in the garden!  The few times I have been out there I pulled up overgrown marigolds and checked for ripe tomatoes.  Still no ripe tomatoes!  Oh well!  My fall tomatoes look great and I think they will ripen before the ones that have been in the garden all summer will. 

The community garden is coming along.  We have a meeting with the city to request a donation of a water meter; after that meeting we will start entering grant proposals.  Then we wait….

So long and good gardening in your neck of the woods!