Everyone's Getting Ready To Garden

I made a quick trip down the road yesterday and as I was driving it seemed that every where I looked there were people working in their yard or tilling up their garden plots.  Then I got back to the farm and Dad (Charley) said that he was going to go plow for a while.  I told him that was great and that I wanted to get some video of it for out blog.  I also ask Dad if he would sit down and do a quick Q&A interview and he agreed as long as it wasn’t on video.  So I will get that done soon.

Based on what Charley and everyone else is doing, now is when you want to start getting you garden ready for planting.  Some of you, like Lacey, probably have already done some of that.  You want the soil turned and loose.  Turned basically means you want to flip the soil so that the dirt that was underneath is now on top.  You can do that with a shovel, tiller or tractor depending on how much garden you have and how energetic you are.  Be sure to remove large clumps of grass, roots and rocks. 

One thing you need to realize is that you will have to do this several times until you plant to keep the soil loose.  So don’t be surprised when we tell you later that you need to till the garden again.  Like Lacey said in an earlier post, when you till is a good time to work in compost and other organic materials that can help keep the soil loose.  Again, like Lacey mentioned, you can take a sample of soil to your county extension office and have them send it off for analysis to determine if there are any additives that need to be added to your soil.  I recommend having your soil tested if this is your first garden so that you will have a base line to start at.



Plus here is a look at our crazy temperatures this week courtesy of the MAX5 Weather blog.