Hanging Out In The Garden

I spent a few minutes in the neighbor’s garden this morning talking to Colby and Darrel.  There is a video of part of our conversation below the pictures.

It has been really hot here – around100 degrees for the last 4-5 days.  There is enough moisture in the soil to keep the veggies going but if we don’t get some rain soon, some gardens are going to need to be irrigated.

The best way to water is to give your garden a good soaking overnight or for about 8 hours so that the water is able to be absorbed deeply into the soil.  This will cause the veggies to push roots down to deeper soil in search of water and will better able them to survive in the hot and/or dry conditions.

A light sprinkling of water every day will cause the plants to send out shallow roots.  Then when it stays hot for a long period of time the soil temperature near the surface gets too hot and burns the roots then the plants don’t have the root system to survive.

 garden34 garden37

garden39 garden41

garden44 garden45

The kids tomatoes and watermelons are looking pretty good.  I’m ready for a good watermelon.

kids-garden1 kids-garden2

corn This is Charley’s corn patch.  It should be ready in about 10-14 days.  He has 2 plantings in the field.  You can see the sprinklers running.  He wanted to give them a good drink in these last critical days.  Corn will not make a good ear if it gets too dry in the last weeks of the crop.

Last up is the video I took of Colby and Darrel hoeing this morning.