Sage – Pineapple (Scarlet)

Sage – Pineapple (Scarlet)

Pineapple Sage leans a little more toward the ornamental than culinary in it’s use.  The yellowish-green leaves grow in sets on long square stems.  In late summer and early fall the fireworks start.  This sage has bright red tubular flowers that stand out from the light foliage and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.  When crushed the leaves emit a pineapple fragrance which is great for salads and drinks.  It can be used to make jellies and the blooms can be sugared to decorate cakes so it is still tasty and beautiful at the same time.

Spacing: Plant 24” to 36” apart.

Height: Grows 36” to 48” tall.

How To Grow: Plant in full sun.

Outstanding Features: Pineapple Sage is great for early fall color in flower beds and containers.

Tips: Water regularly for best bloom and growth.

Uses: Culinary Herb, Garden Bed, Containers


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