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Quickstar Kohlrabi

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Kohlrabi might not be on the top of the list of garden must haves, but it appears to be a rather versatile in the kitchen. This bulb is edible and can be used in stir-fry, grated like a carrot in salads, or eaten raw like a turnip. In fact it’s name comes from the German words “kohl” which means cabbage and “rabi” which means turnip. This “cabbage turnip” has a flavor similar to a water chestnut. The bulb is light green with darker green leaves that tower above.

Kohlrabi is fairly quick to mature and should be harvested when it reaches the size of a small apple.  If it gets too big it can get woody and lose it’s crispness. It can also be gathered in smaller stages. Store Kohlrabi in a cool, frost-free location for winter use.

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