Lacey's Garden

February 2, 2009

Now is the time for soil preparation particularly if you did not do it in the fall.  For some reason (3 kids, school starting, you name it) I am not able to get the soil prepped in the fall.  I think about it and eventually November and the holidays hit and nothing gets done in the garden.   So, one quick way to get your backyard garden started is lay out where you want to plant the garden.  Layer that area with overlapping newspapers and about 4-6 inches of peat moss and soil mixed together (You can purchase both in 20 – 50 pound bags at your local garden center or home supply store).  By April and May the weeds are gone, the soil is loosened by the earth worms that are attracted to newspaper like a Redneck to his pickup truck!  You now have a lovely little spot to stick some Charlie’s Vegetables and pretty flowers that you purchased at Parks Brothers.