Lacey's Garden – Cold Weather and Soil Prep

March 2, 2009

Wow!  What happened to the warm weather?  Just when we think spring is here, winter throws a sucker punch.  And from experience I know that this is not the last of winter!  I am ready to plant my early stuff, now I have to wait a little bit longer.  For some reason, I do not think that 25 degree weather will be conducive to planting seeds of any kind.  It is a good time to work on your soil getting it ready to go.  Before the cold spell, I tilled in manure, ashes and bone meal.   And sprinkled sulfur on my raised beds.  I knew to do all this on the advice of the county extension agent.  Your local county agent is a great resource that is free or relatively inexpensive.  Here it costs $10 for each soil test.  My brother thinks it is free in his county.  Compost is another thing you can be adding to the soil right now, too.  If you have your own or you can usually purchase it at garden centers, but it can get pricey.  Well, I have to go water the strawberries.  Happy gardening!

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