Lacey’s Garden – Compost Pile

Yay!  Sunshine…long time, no see, old friend!   The sun is out!  Doesn’t it feel good?  I worked in the yard and garden all day yesterday (Monday, May 18).  It was marvelous, and I am sunburned, but who cares?  

Have I told you about my compost pile?  It is looking real good.  I started with hay and kitchen scraps and rabbit poop; it was doing good, but it really started cooking when I added grass clippings.  All of the information I am reading says to layer brown and green to get the best mix.  They are right.  It made a huge difference when I added the green grass clippings.  I have been turning it every week.  It smells good and the worms are going crazy.  There are worms as big around as my fingers in there!   I have never been this excited about watching stuff decompose. 

I planted some radishes and buckwheat yesterday.  Both are supposed to germinate quickly and provide some cover to the soil as weed control and water retention.  Buckwheat also is a green manure adding nutrients to the soil.  I planted them in places that were once covered with the hay and mulch that washed away in the floods. 

So long for now and let me know how your garden is doing.  I love to hear about your gardening!