Lacey’s Garden – Digging Potatoes

Howdy folks! It has been a while since I posted anything. We have had a crazy few weeks what with our AC going ka-put and the girls and I having to stay at moms until it was fixed – gardening just kind of took a back seat! Thanks to my marvelous husband everything survived my absence because he watered it all for me and that is a big job!

Jason will post a video I took of my garden – it’s just a little tour where I introduce you to everything. Hope you enjoy it!

Today, July 1, I dug potatoes. It was so much fun! Even my girls got into it. Every time I stuck in the pitchfork it was like opening a box of surprises – never knowing exactly how many or how big the potatoes were going to be. I got everyone of the bushes dug except for the last one when it occurred to me to take pictures. Potatoes are definitely something I will plant again. One thing I learned is that the ground must be very soft or they stay too small. Add lots of compost to keep the soil soft and keep it moist but not wet.

Hope your gardening is going great!

digging it up Finding the potatoes

Last potato plant two little potatoes

Potatoes entire harvest