Lacey’s Garden – Eating The First Lettuce And Fighting Bermuda Grass

Well.  The garden is looking real good.  It has been mostly cloudy since I planted everything, but someone forgot to tell the Bermuda grass.  It is growing faster than everything else and I have to pull it everyday or it will takeover the entire garden.  I have managed to get some cardboard and newspaper down with hay mulch on top, hopefully that will be a barrier to weeds and grass.  I have little confidence in that against Bermuda grass.  That stuff would grow through glass!    I took pictures of everything I have planted including my flower filled planters, perennial and herb gardens. 

Tonight we ate the first harvest of lettuce and herbs.  It made a yummy salad and my girls sure enjoyed it, and so did Ben and I.  I even took pictures of the salad.  (It was pretty!) 

If any of you have any tips on getting rid of Bermuda grass organically I would sure like to know.  Yall take care and love your garden!

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