Lacey's Garden – Garden Plot Pictures

February 26, 2009

Mom said I needed to provide pics of the garden plots so here they are.  Strawberries and new garden plot; just tilled manure and potash and bone meal under.  Also raised beds with leaf mulch on top.

Dec2008 534  Dec2008 535 

Dec2008 536  Dec2008 537

4 thoughts on “Lacey's Garden – Garden Plot Pictures”

  1. Hi! I am an old friend (college roommate) of Leigh Anne’s and she told me about your gardening blog. I LOVE this so much. I have been growing a garden (very small) in my backyard for years. This year I am finally going to enlarge my plots, as well as build raised beds for the first time.
    I love reading your notes and SEEING (yes, I love the pictures!) the progress- as I am learning as I go.

    This year i am hoping to try planting potatoes for the first time – do you have any experience growing potatoes, any suggestions?

    I am bookmarking you and will check back often!

  2. Hi stephanie! Thanks for your comments. It has been fun to share what little I am learning. I will be taking pictures as I go to catalog the progress of each bed. On your raised beds, spend the time and money for good composted dirt. We did not and it has taken a few years to get the soil like I want. Good luck with them.
    As for potatoes, I know nothing. A good friend always plants them. I will talk to her and blog what she tells me.

    Take care!

  3. I will be making a trip to the Co-op this weekend, and checking with the city what kinds of soil they have to offer since I’m a bit behind schedule on preparing my soil.

    By the way, how big are your raised beds? I was thinking about asking my husband to help me build 2 beds 8×4 but that seemed small, maybe I should do 6×10… I can’t really tell from your pictures how big your beds are, but they seem like they would grow a lot of variety.


  4. Hello! My raised beds are 4’x12’x12″. They are this size because of my way smart husband. He figured that we could by 2 8’x12″ and cut them in half and by 4 12’x12″. they are the perfect size, but require much more dirt than you might think. They are situated side by side with about 4 feet between them. i laid newspaper and cardboard down inside them, but would reccommend laying the newspaper and cardboard down about 6 inches wider that the bed and build the bed on top. Also some books i have read recommend digging underneath the raised beds to have extra deep soil. Lots of work but worth it in the long run!!! I have bermuda coming up under all the edges. since I do everything organic round up is not an option but would be nice along the edges of my beds. Good luck. my email is that might be easier for communication. By the way where do you live?

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