Lacey’s Garden – Garden Revival

Wow!  One full week of sunshine!   The garden is really taking off, but still not looking as good as I would like.  I was visiting a friend the other day and her tomatoes are huge and bushy on one end of her garden and on the end that was lower sitting in water longer, the tomatoes look like mine.  I guess I should be grateful that the plants are still there and alive.  I plan on fertilizing them real good with an organic fertilizer (my extra old manure washed away, too) today.  Hopefully, that will help them get going better. 

I re-mulched with the hay I salvaged from the flood.  It had all piled up next to the fence and I was waiting for it to dry out before I used it.  Mostly I put it in the walkways, so I do not have to spend a lot of time weeding the paths.

On another note, the community garden I am working on is approaching reality.  Right now, it is a concept in the planning stages.  We have a meeting June 2 with the city’s Planning Commission to change the zoning laws to exclude community gardens from the necessity of rezoning.  Once that ordinance is passed, we can break ground.  I also had a meeting with a grant writer who will be help write grants to fund this garden. It is a good thing so many people are interested in community gardens right now.  So close…..

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.