Lacey's Garden – Heirloom Broccoli and Carrots plus Hauling Manure In A Mini Van

February 18, 2009

In response to my brother’s statement, “Why, for the life of me, anyone would want heirloom broccoli, I don’t know?”…..because it looks cool!!  The pictures of it show the fruit(?) grows in the shape of a lime green spiral.  I think it will be fun to grow and I know my three girls will think it is wonderful!  Many of the plants and vegetables I grow are because they look different than normal or are just interesting to grow.  One of the heirloom carrots I have seeds for is called “Dragon.”  It is purple on the outside and orange on the inside.  What kid can resist something so pretty?  And grown ups too. 

On another note, don’t think that just because you don’t have a pick up truck that you can’t haul stuff around.  Today, I picked up a load of horse manure using a mini van and rubber maid storage boxes with all three kids in tow!  If I can do it so can anyone!!!  (But I might have my husband open those boxes!!!!)