Lacey’s Garden – Lessons Learned

Summer has officially ended!  Autumn is here – cool nights, beautiful leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows.  What does an autumn garden look like?  Well, I am determined to find out.   I have pulled up everything and planted turnips, beets, lettuce, garlic, radishes, and carrots.   This is definitely a learning process for me as I have never planted any of these things in the fall.  Learn with me – I will keep you updated on the fall growth (or not, as the case may be! J)

Things I have learned this summer:

1) Straw mulch is awesome!!!  This was the best thing I have ever done for me and my garden.  It kept even the Bermuda grass from taking over my garden.  Usually by July I have thrown in the towel and totally admitted defeat to the Bermuda grass, but not this year! 

2) Rain is good is small measured amounts.  Too much or too little is not good.

3) Gourds grow really fast.

4) My kids will eat anything that comes from the garden, and most friends who visit will at least try it.

5) I still like to garden.

These pictures are the last of the summer garden and the beginnings of the fall garden.  Next posting will be about the fall garden completely.  This will be an adventure!

Happy gardening.


birdhouse gourds bushy garden

caterpillar covered in eggs dancing gourd2

fall planitng gourd growing up sunflower stalk

marigold bouquet spider with babies

squah blossom zinnia