Lacey’s Garden – Lettuce, Strawberries and Tomatoes

Hello to all!  How is everybody enjoying the start of summer, the end of school and hopefully, the first bits of your harvest?  Lettuce is in full swing right now and strawberries, too.  I actually have tomatoes on the vine slowly ripening in the hot summer sun.  This is my favorite time of summer-checking each day to see what’s ripening.  It is a joy to call the girls over and say, Look, the first strawberry!  They are so excited to eat them.  I am posting a few pictures of the garden.  Things are still looking kind of puny after nearly drowning, but most seem to be pulling out of it.  Hope you have time to sit and swing in the hammock and enjoy your garden.

green tomatoes on the vine hollyhocks and perennials blooming

more tomatoes on the vine newly planted okra

potatoed looking good rainbow beets swiss chard

1 thought on “Lacey’s Garden – Lettuce, Strawberries and Tomatoes”

  1. I am! Though no hammock, yet.

    I pulled up the radishes this weekend to give the shallots and onions some sun. They were ready, so that was fun.
    Since everything went down so late (ice, rain, rain, rain…) there isn’t much else to harvest right now. Though the herbs are going crazy (they were there already from last year.)
    I keep wanting to pull up my potatoes – they are so much bigger (the plants) than I thought they would be. I am waiting patiently – the flowers have just begun to bud.

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