Lacey’s Garden – Peas, Spinach and Snow

March 26, 2009

Hello.  Here are pictures of the peas and spinach coming up.  They are really looking good.  My carrots have finally started poking their little heads up, and the lettuce and mustard are up as well.  I am waiting, waiting, to plant anything else since the weathermen are calling for snow this weekend.  I am grateful to God for sending much needed rain this week and no bad weather.  Hopefully we will continue to get regular spring rain showers with out any tornadoes here in Tornado Alley.  Happy gardening and enjoy the spring rain where ever you are!

snap-peas-and-spinach-bed amish-snap-peas-and-spinach

amish-snap-peas-and-spinach3 amish-snap-peas-and-spinach2

2 thoughts on “Lacey’s Garden – Peas, Spinach and Snow”

  1. I love your Snow Peas marker!

    Well, here I am still only looking at an herb garden. With things like Spring Break (travel) and the weather (rain and snow) I am still waiting to just build my garden beds. But I think it will all work out. We are in Northwest Arkansas, and I’ve planted in early April before with acceptable results.

    By the way, this year we are planning to grow our tomatoes in containers (large pots) -or, rather, my husband decided HE wanted to be in charge of the tomatoes this summer, and is choosing to go the patio container route. We may only plant two or three – but besides the standard Sweet 100’s, do you have any faves, or do some tomatoes do better in pots than others? Is this a Charley question?! WHen I saw Leigh Ann a few weeks ago, she told me how much her dad loves the Arkansas Travelers. I’ve never grown the AT so this may be the year I try.

    Okay, this is a long comment! Hope to be back next time with more actual progress to report 🙂

  2. Hey! It sounds like you have plan for the tomatoes! I think all tomatoes will do fine in containers. My personal favorite is an heirloom called Cherokee Purple. Most garden centers are offering them now as well as the Parks Brothers. i have not ever had Ar Traveler so try it and let me know!
    My snow peas tag is a paint stirrer that I painted.
    Cant wait to hear how the planting goes for your garden!

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