Lacey’s Garden – Planting Tomatoes

YEAH!!!!  I finally got my tomatoes in the ground!  The pictures show the process…the tomato guru who lives down the block from me told me how he plants tomatoes and I did what he said.  Dig a deep hole, put a handful of old manure in the bottom and a banana peel, place a layer of dirt over that then put in the plant, removing the bottom 2 or 3 leaves and mound the dirt ¼ the way up the stalk. Finally, cover the mound with another handful of manure.  Water them well to set them, and  viola,  you have a pretty row of tomatoes.  It is so nice to finally get them done!  Hope it does not hail this weekend!

hole with manure hole with manure and banana peel

layer of dirt over additions tomato plant

row of newly planted tomatoes

2 thoughts on “Lacey’s Garden – Planting Tomatoes”

  1. I am curious…no very very curious. What does the banana peel do? I have never heard of this method of planting. I have loads of bananas and if I can find another way of utilizing the peels I am happy to learn.

  2. Hello!!! Good question…The bananas add potassium to the soil. They are also very good for roses. I put them around my rose bush all winter long and in the spring it seems to grow twice as big as the year before.
    I know tomatoes are heavy feeders. I have never tried the bananas on tomatoes and I am going with the advice given to me by the tomato guru who lives down my street. His tomatoes are HUGE every year so i am sure he knows what he is doing (even if i do not :)) It is up tp you if you want to try them or you can wait til I find out if they work or not…Good luck!

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