Lacey’s Garden – The Joys of Gardening

Finally!!!  The ground is dry, the sun is out…Do you know what I did?   You’re right!  I planted everything!  It is all in the ground and looking real good (in my head, that is).  I always can envision how it will look all full and blooming.  Of course, it never actually comes out quite the way I envision, but it is always beautiful and it pleases me.  Isn’t that what counts?  The pleasure of planning the garden, seeing in your minds eye exactly what will go where, then digging the dirt and adding manure and compost, then the waiting, now digging the hole, planting the seeds and the plants, the sureness that you are doing something good. Nurturing the plants and babying them along as they grow fuller and bushier and the flowers bloom.  Harvesting, smelling, touching and tasting…the pleasures of gardening.  Be sure to take the time to just sit and enjoy the fruits of your labors.  It is not any fun if you do not stop and smell and look and see.  Enjoy the day!