Lacey’s Garden – Waiting For The Garden To Dry Out

Still waiting….waiting for everything to dry out before I start planting anything.  The garden is still a mud pit from the rain this past weekend, and it is supposed to rain a lot tomorrow.  I am waiting also for it to dry out enough to get some more horse manure.  I have been told that it is good to place manure in the bottom of the hole you plant tomatoes in. If it ever dries out I will try it and see how good it is.  I did pull up all the beautiful pansies in my planters and replant them for summer.  It is so hard to pull up the pansies but if I don’t it will be too late to get the planters full and bushy for the summer.  I also need to thin the carrots that are finally starting to get bigger.  The peas are doing great, but the spinach and broccoli are not going to do anything.  I am sad about that. Both were new varieties that I wanted to try.  Oh well, that is just how it goes in my garden. Some things do really good one year and then the next year they are a flop.  Happy gardening!

2 thoughts on “Lacey’s Garden – Waiting For The Garden To Dry Out”

  1. The sun was finally shining and I finally have a bed filled with compost! Now, just waiting for the rain from last night to dry out! I think I’m too late for spinach and lettuce, but I’ll sneak a few in just to see what happens (!)

    I’ll have to try the manure/nanner method when I get my tomatoes in. Cool!

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