Lacey’s Garden – When To Plant Tomatoes

Yeah!  Everything survived the snow!  Thankfully, the snow melted the next day and the water has drained fairly well.  Our backyard turns into a pond with 4 to 6 inches of standing water anytime it rains, so I have been a little worried about everything drowning.  But, the garden area seems to be draining much better this year.  Everything is looking good and coming up nice and strong.  I will start planting tomatoes and herbs as soon as it dries out.  Oh yeah, it is supposed to rain tonight too. 

It is time to plant tomatoes and such in most places from Oklahoma on south.  If you have dry ground, go ahead and start planting.  It might still frost one or two more times but just cover them with paper bags or cardboard boxes or hay or straw and they should be fine.  Dad always told me that most plants can survive a light freeze (30-35 degrees F) but the frost will always get them.  So make sure they are protected from the frost more than insulated from the cold.  As always, have fun!!

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  1. Hello Lacey I just started a blog on this site about gardening, hopefully you can give me some pointers on this site about working this site, I am new and really I am lost. But right now I will look at this site so I can see some of your ideas. Hope You don’t mind? If you do then I won’t look around too much.
    Be Bless and have a Great Day!

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