American Flag Leek

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Cousin to the onion, Leeks look like giant green onions.  They have a long, thick white shaft and green leaves that are flat and folded rather than rounded.  They grow to about 3 feet high and the edible shaft can get as long as 10 inches.  Both the leaves and white parts are edible.

There are many varieties of leeks.  Some take longer than others to mature and some are more cold hardy than others.  Chose the best variety for your growing season and location.

Leeks are not native to North America.  They have been found to have been cultivated in Egypt 4,000 years ago.  They have also not ever been found growing wild like some of their onion cousins.

Leeks are popular culinary substitutes for onions because of their milder flavor.  They can be eaten raw like a green onion or sliced up in salads.  They are great in soups and stews.

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