Tam Jalapeño Peppers

Tam Jalapenos

They look like regular jalapeños but Tam Jalapeños are much milder.  They are more for flavor than hot jalapeños.  Like regular jalapeños they are tapered and grow to about 3 inches turning from green to red. Jalapeños register 4750 Scovilles while Tam Jalapeños register 1000 or so.  Being sensitive to the cold, planting should be delayed until the danger of frost is past in the spring.  Ideal temperatures are 70 to 80 degrees F during the day, and 60 to 70 degrees F at night.  Usually, the plants set satisfactory crops when temperatures are between 65 and 80 degrees F and the soil is well-supplied with moisture.  Avoid a soggy, water-logged soil condition when growing peppers.

How To Grow: Plant in full sun.

Spacing: Plant 18″ apart.

Height: Grows 24″ to 36″ tall.

Outstanding Features: Has all the flavor of a jalapeño without any of the heat.

Tips: Water plants thoroughly after transplanting. Avoid planting under conditions that will stunt the plants and lead to poor production, such as cold weather, lack of sufficient soil moisture, or lack of sufficient fertilizer.  Water deeply but not too often.

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