Lacey's Garden – Planting Spinach and Pea Seeds

March 4, 2009

I planted peas and spinach seeds yesterday. The dirt was nice and dry, ready to go.  I just dug a tiny furrow and planted the peas every 2-3 inches and the spinach pretty thickly.  I usually pick the spinach small to eat in salads and on sandwiches, so there was no need to plant it so far apart.  I also inter-planted the peas with some spinach too.  I was supposed to do it three weeks ago.  I am not sure why it did not happen then.  Good thing I waited since it got so cold these last few days.  Now it is going to be eighty degrees tomorrow!  Next week, I will plant the carrots, chard, and lettuce.  I will take pictures when I plant next week to show exactly what I am doing.  Hope you get to enjoy pretty weather where you are!!!  I plan on pulling out the hammock!