Spring 2013 Vegetable and Herb Pictures

There is a point that a person reaches when you have too many blogs, websites and social media sites and can’t keep them all up-to-date. Our apologies for that.

Here are some pictures from this spring’s vegetable and herb crops.

new tomato plug tray tomato plugs

strawberry ozark beauty 4in strawberry ozark beauty

gallon tomato 4 gallon tomato 5 

yellow squash tomato 1

tomato 2 cherokee purple tomato 4in

tomatoes 5 1 gallon tomatoes 2

jetstar tomato 4in tomaotes 2

tomato perfect size charley's veggies peppers

charley's herbs charley's vegetables big jim pepper

charley's veggies peppers and eggplant peppers

lemon balm 4in