Crook Neck Squash

Crook Neck Squash

Yellow Crookneck squash grow on bush-type plants. They are prolific and easy to grow. The fruit can get quite large but is more tender and delicious when picked fairly young.

Days To Harvest: 40-50

How To Grow: Plant in full sun.

Spacing: Plant 36″ apart.

Height: Grows 16″ to 20″ tall.

Outstanding Features: Squash is very easy to grow and can be harvested all summer as long as you keep it picked to promote further production. Harvest when fruit is about 7 inches long for best flavor.

Tips: Plant Squash when all threat of frost is gone. Pick mature Squash on a daily basis to keep the plant producing longer. Leaving ripe Squash on the vine will cause it to become tough and inedible.


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