Picked Some Veggies Last Night

After being gone a week, we got out in the garden with Charley and picked us some fresh vegetables. The garden looks good and is doing well. The heat has Charley watering a little more than usual. Our pepper plants are a little short because he planted them later than usual but we are still getting a lot of peppers. The squash have done their thing and will be plowed up so the Charley can replant some squash seed.

I have never picked okra until last night. I am not sure I ever will again.

Had some of the cantaloupe for breakfast and Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes at lunch. Both were delicious.

vegetables_50 cantaloupe

crimson-sweet-watermelon garden-9

garden-sunset okra

peppers-8 roma-tomatoes

vegetables_31 vegetables_37

Been A While Since I Posted

It has been a long while since I posted anything here. Last summer’s massive heat wave here made any thing to do with gardening disastrous. Last summer’s stationary high set in on us, and we were dead center of it. Where we live, we in a river valley with the Boston Mountains to our north and the Ouachita Mountains to our south. The high press basically put us in the bottom of a pressure cooker. Out highs would be 5-15 degrees higher than towns 50 miles away from us in any direction. Basically, it was merciless and miserable, and our garden cooked on the plants.

In addition to that, I had to have another surgery on my leg which left me out of commission June and July so all the stuff I planned on doing about gardening and add it here. Now here I am a year later and still on crutches. So I am not sure if any of my gardening will happen again this year. At the very least, I want to build a couple of raised beds. We will see.

As for now, here are some pictures of this year’s Charley’s Vegetables and Herbs from March.

tomatoes2 egplants1

egplants2 mint-orange

peppers4 sage-pineapple

sage-tricolor SANY2402

spearmint squash

watermelons herbs

tomato3 tomato1

squash1 squash4

2-D Codes On Charley’s Vegetable Tags

google-parks-QRcode Starting in spring 2011, we will be incorporating 2-D codes on our 4” Charley’s Vegetables and Herbs.  This new technology will allow consumers to read the 2-D code with their smart phones (using either BeeTagg, ScanLife or comparable apps) and be directed to product specific pages on our existing Charley’s Veggies website www.CharleysVeggies.com

Here are a couple of samples of our new tags with the 2-D code.

Pepper-tag  Tomato-tag

Once the code is scanned, users will be shown a product page like this one:


We will be adding more information and content to www.CharleysVeggies.com before next spring as well as updating the look and functionality of the website so that it will be optimized for mobile users.  Charley’s Vegetables is our exclusive line of 4” vegetables available to IGC’s.  The name comes from one of the owners, Charley Parks, who happened to be plowing in his garden when we were trying to come up with a brand name for our vegetables.

Here are some more links to download the apps needed to scan the 2-D codes:






Other readers and 2-D code generators:





You can also go here http://www.todaysgardencenter.com/news/newsacrosschannels/?storyid=3797 by Today’s Garden Center to see a video on how to use a create 2-D codes on your own to use in your garden center.