Lacey’s Garden – Fertilizing and Honey Bees

Howdy to all of you!  I sure hope your garden is blossoming and growing lush and full. It has taken a while but it seems like mine is finally starting to pull out of its funk.  I got it fertilized real good yesterday and then it rained today (perfect timing).  I have pretty little green tomatoes on several vines.  Everything has blooms.  It is just looking real good.  This hot, warm weather is really favorable for everything. 

I fertilized with old manure – top dressing everything with some and scratching it into the top 1-2 inches of soil.  You can do this only with very old manure.  It has been a challenge as usual keeping  the Bermuda grass out (Dad calls it moody grass).  If any of you have any good ideas let me know.  So far the best thing to keep it down has been the hay mulch. 

Change of subject…I have read about the problems with honey bees.  It is called Colony Collapse Disorder.  Basically, whole colonies of bees are completely disappearing and dying and know one really understands why.  I am telling you all this to tell you that there have been zero bees buzzing around my flowers.  I am very alarmed!  It is vital that the bees come to everyone’s garden; they have a purpose and when they do not show up ones garden does not do as well.  What can we do about this?  I am not sure but I will tell you to read about this problem and decide for you what you can do to help the honey bees.

baby straight neck squash-1 full view of the garden

Marigold next to tomatoes-1 perennials to attract beneficial insects-1

Potatoes Rainbow Beet Swiss Chard

Red salad bowl lettuce-1 Rosa Bianca Eggplant bloom-1

Staked tomatoes Strawberry and red lettuce


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Lacey’s Garden – Waiting For The Garden To Dry Out

Still waiting….waiting for everything to dry out before I start planting anything.  The garden is still a mud pit from the rain this past weekend, and it is supposed to rain a lot tomorrow.  I am waiting also for it to dry out enough to get some more horse manure.  I have been told that it is good to place manure in the bottom of the hole you plant tomatoes in. If it ever dries out I will try it and see how good it is.  I did pull up all the beautiful pansies in my planters and replant them for summer.  It is so hard to pull up the pansies but if I don’t it will be too late to get the planters full and bushy for the summer.  I also need to thin the carrots that are finally starting to get bigger.  The peas are doing great, but the spinach and broccoli are not going to do anything.  I am sad about that. Both were new varieties that I wanted to try.  Oh well, that is just how it goes in my garden. Some things do really good one year and then the next year they are a flop.  Happy gardening!

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