It’s Sunflower Time

This is my absolute favorite time of year…when it is well and truly summer.  Time for swimsuits and running through the sprinklers and for me, time for the sunflowers to bloom.  I watch expectantly every June for the first sign of color on my sunflowers.  For when they bloom, I know summer is really here and the squash and tomatoes will ripen very soon. 

Today has been a rainy summery day.  A nice summer rain is so purifying.  It cleans everything, and even though, it is blah and gray today, I know that tomorrow everything will be shiny green and so crisp and clean looking after the washing the rain gives. 

I have pictures of my first sunflowers and a few other things from my garden.  Hope you enjoy seeing my garden as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.  Happy gardening!

What Kind of Dirt Do You Have?

I came across this great blog post today about soil –

At my house I have clay soil, but my clay is different than the clay that they talk about.  The clay at my house is so hard that when I dig a hole to plant something I have to use the shovel to shave the clay out in thin layers.  It’s so hard you can’t shovel like normal.  I will have to take a picture or get a video for you just so you can see how hard it is.

After I get the hole dug (I dig the holes twice as big as I need) and place whatever I’m planting, I mix a little sand and quite a bit of potting soil with the clay to loosen it up.

The post also contains a link to building raised beds.

If you have time you might want to check out the whole Pioneer Woman website and let me know if there are any other good posts there.  Despite being firmly secure in my masculinity, I am a little uncomfortable spending a lot of time there myself (I did scan the Cowboy Food). 


Lacey’s Garden – Potatoes

March 11, 2009

Well, thanks to you (and you know who you are) I am now planting potatoes in one of my raised beds.  I still know nothing about potatoes, but after reading a book and talking to some folks I think it should be really easy.  The book called Growing Potatoes by Richard Bird and Alex Barker was very informative and helpful.  My friend suggested digging a 4 inch trench to plant the potatoes in, then covering them with hay or straw (not dirt) and watch them grow.  This method is nice because you can pull up the whole plant to check for readiness without having to dig up everything.  I am going to plant the potatoes all the way around one raised bed and put tomatoes in the center.  Again, supposed to be a good companion planting.  I cut the potatoes with an eye on each section and placed on a tray to sit overnight and will plant them tomorrow. 

UPDATE:  !!!!!!!!!! – Hey! An addendum to above – I was so wrong! Tomatoes and potatoes do not like each other.  I had it in my head wrong and reported it wrong to you.  Sorry.  I am not sure what I am going to put in the middle now.  Any suggestions from you all would be welcome!