Lacey’s Garden – Protecting the Garden From the Snow

It has snowed today, after raining for 2 days.  Yuck!  I covered all my new perennials that are just up, my peonies and a new vining Carolina jasmine with 4-6 inches of hay.  Hope it helps.  In the pictures of my garden you can see how much water is still standing in the yard.  On the left are little green tags and in the back towards the fence, these are where I have planted different things.  Thankfully, they are all cold hardy and the snow will just squish them a little bit.  This is not highly unusual for Oklahoma, but still a little strange for this time of year.

my garden!!! my raised beds

snow covered pansies

Lacey’s Garden – Peas, Spinach and Snow

March 26, 2009

Hello.  Here are pictures of the peas and spinach coming up.  They are really looking good.  My carrots have finally started poking their little heads up, and the lettuce and mustard are up as well.  I am waiting, waiting, to plant anything else since the weathermen are calling for snow this weekend.  I am grateful to God for sending much needed rain this week and no bad weather.  Hopefully we will continue to get regular spring rain showers with out any tornadoes here in Tornado Alley.  Happy gardening and enjoy the spring rain where ever you are!

snap-peas-and-spinach-bed amish-snap-peas-and-spinach

amish-snap-peas-and-spinach3 amish-snap-peas-and-spinach2