Lacey’s Garden – Lettuce, Strawberries and Tomatoes

Hello to all!  How is everybody enjoying the start of summer, the end of school and hopefully, the first bits of your harvest?  Lettuce is in full swing right now and strawberries, too.  I actually have tomatoes on the vine slowly ripening in the hot summer sun.  This is my favorite time of summer-checking each day to see what’s ripening.  It is a joy to call the girls over and say, Look, the first strawberry!  They are so excited to eat them.  I am posting a few pictures of the garden.  Things are still looking kind of puny after nearly drowning, but most seem to be pulling out of it.  Hope you have time to sit and swing in the hammock and enjoy your garden.

green tomatoes on the vine hollyhocks and perennials blooming

more tomatoes on the vine newly planted okra

potatoed looking good rainbow beets swiss chard

Lacey’s Garden – Planting Tomatoes

YEAH!!!!  I finally got my tomatoes in the ground!  The pictures show the process…the tomato guru who lives down the block from me told me how he plants tomatoes and I did what he said.  Dig a deep hole, put a handful of old manure in the bottom and a banana peel, place a layer of dirt over that then put in the plant, removing the bottom 2 or 3 leaves and mound the dirt ¼ the way up the stalk. Finally, cover the mound with another handful of manure.  Water them well to set them, and  viola,  you have a pretty row of tomatoes.  It is so nice to finally get them done!  Hope it does not hail this weekend!

hole with manure hole with manure and banana peel

layer of dirt over additions tomato plant

row of newly planted tomatoes

Lacey’s Garden – Waiting For The Garden To Dry Out

Still waiting….waiting for everything to dry out before I start planting anything.  The garden is still a mud pit from the rain this past weekend, and it is supposed to rain a lot tomorrow.  I am waiting also for it to dry out enough to get some more horse manure.  I have been told that it is good to place manure in the bottom of the hole you plant tomatoes in. If it ever dries out I will try it and see how good it is.  I did pull up all the beautiful pansies in my planters and replant them for summer.  It is so hard to pull up the pansies but if I don’t it will be too late to get the planters full and bushy for the summer.  I also need to thin the carrots that are finally starting to get bigger.  The peas are doing great, but the spinach and broccoli are not going to do anything.  I am sad about that. Both were new varieties that I wanted to try.  Oh well, that is just how it goes in my garden. Some things do really good one year and then the next year they are a flop.  Happy gardening!

Lacey’s Garden – When To Plant Tomatoes

Yeah!  Everything survived the snow!  Thankfully, the snow melted the next day and the water has drained fairly well.  Our backyard turns into a pond with 4 to 6 inches of standing water anytime it rains, so I have been a little worried about everything drowning.  But, the garden area seems to be draining much better this year.  Everything is looking good and coming up nice and strong.  I will start planting tomatoes and herbs as soon as it dries out.  Oh yeah, it is supposed to rain tonight too. 

It is time to plant tomatoes and such in most places from Oklahoma on south.  If you have dry ground, go ahead and start planting.  It might still frost one or two more times but just cover them with paper bags or cardboard boxes or hay or straw and they should be fine.  Dad always told me that most plants can survive a light freeze (30-35 degrees F) but the frost will always get them.  So make sure they are protected from the frost more than insulated from the cold.  As always, have fun!!