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Charley’s Garden Update

Have you ever had a great idea that just never seemed to pan out?  Well, that’s what happened this spring with my ideas for Charley’s garden.  We were going to plant a few plants of everything and I was going to video it to show everyone how to do it.

Alas, it was not meant to be.  It rained for 6 weeks straight so that we were unable to plow the garden properly.  We were also really busy with shipping plants at the greenhouses that we may not have had time anyway. 

Charley finally got his corn planted a couple of weeks ago and his purple hull peas planted earlier this week.  He also planted some watermelons today.  Unfortunately, my duties at the greenhouses prevented me from being able to get some video of the planting. 

Even though we didn’t get the garden I wanted planted, we should still be able to get some good content for you.  Several of my kin and neighbors did get their gardens planted so we will be visiting them and asking a lot of questions.

To introduce one of the neighbors, here’s a quick video of them planting some squash seed.  They used a plow to furrow up the garden and fertilized and planted by hand.