Maybe Spring is here?

I keep trying to get out to the garden to work, but the weather has cooperated only sporadically.  I managed to plant some cabbage and onions a couple of weeks ago.  So far so good, if they dont rot from all the rain and snow!  I have my potatoes sliced and waiting for some dry weather to get them in the ground.  This year I am planting All Blue, French Fingerling and Red Gold.  The girls have already noticed the different colors these offer, so I am very excited about growing them. 

Life is busy as usual.  I am working very hard on a new community garden here in Claremore.  We won some grants, but are still waiting for the actual money to appear!  Once we get the financing we are on our way to a very beautiful and exciting gardening adventure.  To learn more you can check out my other blog at  (And, no, starr is not mispelled.  Here in Claremore it has two r`s in reference to a name.)

Pray for warm, sunny weather, so we can actually get our gardens planted.  Happy Gardening!

Lacey’s Garden – Bummer Weather

The last couple of weeks have really been a bummer.  We have had rainy, cold weather every 3-4 days which really puts a damper on any gardening to-do lists.  I have not done anything except cover and uncover plants with hay and move things inside the garage and back out again!  I sure hope this is the last of the cold weather. 

Everything is still alive and slowly growing.  There really has not been very much sunshine so things are not getting very big, very fast.  As an in veritable optimist, I know that the sun will some out to stay soon and the warm weather will be here to stay and that my garden will grow large and bountiful!!! 

I will let you know how that works for me! 🙂