Tips For Container Gardens

Here are Five Tips for Growing Container Vegetables

  1. Use potting soil (peat based) in your containers.  You can use dirt from your yard but be sure to mix in potting soil or peat moss as at least 50% of the soil volume.  The potting soil will add drainage to the dirt and prevent the soil from staying constantly wet.  It will also keep the dirt from becoming compacted (i.e. hard packed) which can smother root development.
  2. Be sure to place your container where it can get a lot of sunlight, at least 6-8 hours.  All vegetables need lots of sunlight.
  3. Use varieties recommended for containers when possible.  These would be patio and bush type tomatoes and any other ‘compact’ labeled vegetables.  If you can’t find these types or want to grow a specific variety, you can grow just about any kind of vegetable in containers.  The exceptions are below.
  4. Cucumbers will need a trellis or other support to climb and tomatoes will need to be staked or use a wire tomato cage for support. 
  5. Watermelons and cantaloupes are not recommended for containers.