Veggie Garden Pictures

These pictures are from our neighbor’s garden – Darrel, Matt and Colby.  They grow these vegetables and take them to sell at the local farmer’s markets.  If you live in the Fort Smith, AR area, you can get their veggies at the Alma, Van Buren, Fort Smith and Greenwood farmer’s markets.

They stage their corn plantings.  These are the first and second.  When I took these pics last week, the 3rd hadn’t sprouted yet.

1st-corn 2nd-corn

Yellow straight neck and zucchini squash plants.

squash2 P6090125

squash1 zucchini


tomatoes P6090137

Their second and third crops of veggies grown from seeds.

2nd-crop-seedlings 3rd-crop-seedlings

P6090130 P6090132

Up next is a report on Charley’s corn, watermelons and purple hull peas.