Winter Wishes

How many of you have a big stack of seed catalogs sitting on your coffe table? If your like me, you have five or more beautiful, colorful seed catalogs to cheer up your winter blues.
I sit and dream and think about all the different things I would like to grow this next spring. I have circles hundreds of dollars worth of seed in just 2 catalogs! Of course, I will not order that much but it is fun to dream.
How do you choose what to order? There are so many choices, though not as many as there were 80-100 years ago. I choose based on what was fun last year but maybe I did not plant enough or I want to try a different variety. Take potatoes, for instance, last year they grew quite well but I did not plant very many. This year I want o plant several different varieties as well as more of each. The varieties I am considering are All Blue, French Fingerling and Caribe. I also choose seeds based on just plain interesting. Maybe it is something I have never tried before or it is something neat that I want to show the kids or something I think they will like, like Mexican Sour Gherkins, Hardy Kiwi and Luffa Gourds. Of course, my garden is a work and progress and I plant half the things I dream about and half the things I already have or can get at the Farm.
My eyes are bigger than my yard, as the saying goes!